A downloadable game for Windows

-- INTRO --

Game made within a  week for the Creative Week managed by our school Bellecour in France.  

-- PITCH --

Try to get to the top of the castle to defeat Aphuk the Demon. Destroy the gems along the path to weaken him. Beware of the floor lava that will full the tower in a few time.


Game Artist (Environment) : Hubert de BUYER - https://twitter.com/MixBulfreak

Lead Tech : Italo PARDAVE

Level Designer : Elisa RUSSO - https://twitter.com/russoelisa_

Game Designer / Game Artist (Characters) : Michaël DUPORT - https://twitter.com/glurgludor

Sound Designer : Thibault de BUYER https://soundcloud.com/tibusic-1

Thanks to : Rémi PELET - Sound Designer


Move to left : Left arrow key

Move to right : Right arrow key

Jump : Up arrow key

Shoot : F key


AhpuksCastle 50 MB

Development log


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I can't get past the first level. Am I lucky that I don't write reviews.